by Robert Fritz & Issho Fujita

2022年10月下旬  葉山 茅山荘

How does the practice of Zen lead to creative life? 


作曲家、映画監督、経営コンサルタント、『Your Life As Art』『The Path of Least Resistance for Managers』『Identity』 『Creating』など、創造的プロセスや構造的思考に関する多くの名著を持つロバート・フリッツが、絶大な人気を誇る禅の修行者である藤田一照さんと会い、この興味深いテーマについて語り合う4度目の対談イベントです。この対談自体が決まった目的なしにあてどなく現実を探求するものです。どこに行く着くかは当日までわかりません。


How does the practice of Zen lead to creative life?  Why is aimless pursuit of reality - observing your life without any commentary - so necessary to living the life you’d love?

Robert Fritz, composer, filmmaker, management consultant, author of Your Life As Art, The Path of Least Resistance for Managers, Identity, Creating, and many other great books on the creative process and structural thinking, will meet Issho Fujita, hugely popular Japanese Zen master, for the forth time to discuss this fascinating topic. This in itself will be an aimless pursuit of reality, and no one knows where they’ll land. 

Mark your calendar on the 9th of March, 20:00 Japanese standard time.

Yoichi Tamura

・日   時: 2022年10月下旬

・会場: 茅山荘

Robert Fritz

クリエイティブプロセスの領域から構造力学を30年以上研究・発展させ、組織、ビジネス、マネジメントの領域へと広げた。ピーター・センゲ、チャーリー・キーファー、デイヴィッド・ピーター・ストローとともに、イノベーション・アソシエイツ社の共同創立者でもある。1970年代半ばに、創り出すプロセスを個人の生産性向上のために役立てるトレーニングコースを開始。これまでにフリッツのコースを受講した人は、世界中で8万人を超えている。構造がいかに人間の行動に影響を及ぼすのかについて記した最初の著書『The Path of Least Resistance』(未邦訳)は世界的ベストセラーとなった。コンサルタントとしても多くの組織が構造思考を実践できるように支援しており、顧客企業はフォーチュン500の企業から多数の中規模企業、政府団体や非営利組織にまで及ぶ。映像作家でもあり、監督としてまた脚本家として、映画やドキュメンタリー、ショートドラマを製作しており、その映像作品は世界各地の映画祭でこれまでに90以上の賞を受けている。

Robert Fritz, composer, filmmaker and organizational consultant is founder of Robert Fritz Inc. and author of the international bestseller The Path of Least Resistance.
During the past twenty-five years, over 80,000 people in 27 countries have participated in trainings created by Robert Fritz. His insights on the creative process and structural dynamics serve as the foundation of meaningful and lasting change for both individuals and organizations.
Peter Senge (author of The Fifth Discipline) says that “Robert Fritz’… is without a doubt one of the most original thinkers today on the creative process in business, the arts, science, and life in general. His work has deeply impacted my life and the lives of many of my colleagues.”
This influence can be witnessed in the lives of countless individuals throughout the world – and in the business practices of the many successful organizations that have embraced Robert’s ideas.
An accomplished composer, producer, filmmaker and writer, it is Robert’s experience in the arts which has had the greatest influence on his approach to human and organizational development. And it is this which makes the work of Robert Fritz Inc. both compelling and extraordinary.

Issho Fujita



Issho Fujita was born in Ehime Prefecture, Japan in 1954. After completing his studies at Nada High School in Kobe, he went on to study educational psychology at Tokyo University. From there he started graduate work in developmental psychology and during that time became seriously involved with zazen.
At the age of 28 he withdrew from his doctoral course and entered Antaiji, a Zen training monastery. He became a priest the following year. At 33 he left for America and for the next 17 ½ years he provided guidance in zazen at Pioneer Valley Zendo in Western Massachusetts. He returned to Japan in 2005 and is currently based at the Chizanso Retreat in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture where he conducts research and offers instruction in zazen.

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Excerpts from Zen and the creative process by Robert Fritz & Issho Fujita
September 2019 in Japan