Structural Consulting Certification Program

2021年10月18日(月)〜 22日(金)







・受講資格: 創り出す思考トレーニング(またはFST)を受講済みであること。

・日   時: 2021年10月18日(月)〜22日(金)5日間

  Day1 9:30-17:00

  Day2,3,4 9:00-17:00

  Day5:  9:00-16:30

・会 場: 国際文化会館  403&404会議室 

・受講料: 385,000円(税込)


※ 法人で申し込む場合(領収書・請求書等の発行が必要な場合)は上記受講料+10,000円にて申し受けます。


This is the only structural consulting certification program in the world. Rosalind Fritz teaches this course. The prerequisite for SCCP is the attendance of the Fundamentals of Structural Thinking (FST).

If you practice picturing that you learn in FST, that alone will lead to considerable progress. You will begin to see reality more and more clearly and may eventually see the client’s structure. However, structural consulting is not complete just by picturing.
Picturing is a prerequisite for structural thinking, but it is not sufficient. You need to observe the structure, analyze the structure, understand the structure, communicate it to the client, share your viewpoint, encourage the client's thinking, and support the client's desired change. SCCP aims to have all participants acquire structural consulting skills in two years (there’s a possibility for advanced SCCP once you’re certified).

You need to take a monthly two-hour training session led by Rosalind Fritz and use what you learn in your client sessions, can submit a transcript of sessions and receive feedback, and learn how to proceed with the client session using questions.

In the SCCP session I attended, I also experienced exercises of digital thinking tools that business consultants should have in their repertoire, various exercises to fundamentally understand structures, and exchanges between students, which promoted further learning. It will be held online via zoom every third Saturday evening (Saturday morning for Rosalind). There will be an assignment each month. Please be prepared to attend and learn.